Dear Michigan Amateur Astronomer:

Robert Miller and I are members of the Capital Area Astronomy Club
and Fox Park Public Observatory in Lansing; we also assist the MSU
observatory staff at their public open house viewing sessions. Bob is an
internationally known astronomer and astronomy author and lecturer; I'm just
an enthusiast.

Bob and I are working with Representative Paul Deweese of the
Michigan Legislature on the problems of light pollution and light trespass
in our state.
The proposed legislation may be based on an International Darksky
Association models or legislation already extant in other states; it will
however be tailored to meet Michigan's specific needs.

Rep. Deweese is willing to be an advocate for our cause, but needs
the  assistance of other Reps and State senators if anything is to be done
about light pollution and light trespass in Michigan.

We're asking that you get in touch with your local Michigan State
Representatives and Senators, and request they contact Rep. Deweese's office
with offers of support and a willingness to co-sponsor legislation Rep
Deweese may introduce on this subject.

You will find your area Rep and Senator listed at If you contact your Rep and Senator by e-mail,
and would like a hard copy delivered to them, just copy me on the e-mail
message, and I'll hand-deliver your message to their offices at the State

This is an opportunity that doesn't come along very often; we have
an champion in the legislature, but we need to show him that we are not just
a few stargazers on a quixotic quest. You, therefore, need to let your Rep
and Senator know your thoughts on this.

Please keep us informed, and thanks for your help.


Dennis Conlin