The Hon. Clark Bisbee
Michigan House of Representatives
Lansing, MI  48909

Dear Representative Bisbee,

Representative Paul Deweese is soon to introduce legislation concerning Light Pollution and Light
Trespass. I feel that it is important to support Mr. Deweese in this endeavor. This is not the same
as the legislation Sen. Hammerstrom is proposing about the Lake Hudson Dark Sky Preserve.

Light pollution is becoming a major problem in this country.  It is almost impossible to see the
Milky Way from any urban or suburban area in Southeastern Michigan.  Even rural locations are
being adversely effected by the night sky glow.

As an amateur astronomer, poor lighting has many adverse effects, including glare, light trespass,
and light pollution, not to mention the wasted energy.  It is a growing threat to our nighttime
environment, one that has already seriously harmed astronomers, both amateurs and professionals.
We are faced with the distinct possibility that in only a generation or two very few people will be
able to have a "live" view of the universe. Urban sky glow will have blotted out the dark sky, just
as a lighted room blots out the view of a slide show.

If you've ever flown over a major city at night and seen the countless lights visible from the air,
you've witnessed a small fraction of the estimated $1 billion per year in electricity cost wasted into
the night sky. Today's manufacturers of full cut-off fixtures promote their products based on cost
efficiency and quality of lighting, not on advantages for astronomy; but the advantages for all are
real; a true Win-Win situation!

There are few things in life where solving the problem saves money.  Curing the problem of light
pollution saves money, makes for a safer nighttime environment, and  saves the dark skies.   It's
a Win/Win/Win situation. Everyone can win.

I would ask that you would consider cosponsoring this legislation.

Thank you for your positive consideration in this matter.