To the Michigan House of Representatives and the Senate

It is a pleasure and an honor to write this letter on behalf of the Lake
Hudson State Park.  I understand that Michigan Public Act 57, passed in
1993, designated this tract of land as a dark sky preserve.  You should be
congratulated on being the first state in the nation to pass such a law to
protect a piece of land.  I write you now in the hope that you will
speedily pass legislation to eliminate the ten year sunset clause on Act 57.
Why are lands with dark skies important?  They are part of our
heritage.  Michigan has a tremendous astronomical history, as evidenced by
the many astronomy clubs flourishing throughout the state.  I have been in
Michigan many times to visit, and more recently to lecture about the comet
I helped discover that collided with Jupiter in 1994, producing the most
spectacular collisions ever seen in the solar system.  In each visit I have
been amazed at the precious darkness of the night sky that your state
However, as our society grows, cities get brighter, and future generations
might not have the opportunity that we enjoy, that simple joy of viewing
the Milky Way on a dark, clear night.  The dark night sky is one of
Nature's greatest gifts to us.  By passing Act 57, you preserved that
gift.  By eliminating the "sunset clause" on that Act, and making the Dark
Sky Preserve permanent, you will be ensuring that a part of Michigan will
forever carry that gift through future generations.

With all best wishes

David H. Levy