The I.S.D. Observatory Pier Upgrade
April 23 - 24, 2006
There have to be some "Tales" about this job...  Those who worked it should have
a few things to tell!  The hope is that the Intermediate School District Observatory
telescope will now be stable and hold Polar alignment.

Many thanks go to members who donated their time and effort to make this
happen:  Rick Collett, Chris Dobie, Mark Reed, Don Risner, & Teresa Tucker.
Also, much needed help was given by the ISD Onsite Staff... thanks to
Mark and Sue Jamieson, your help was truly appreciated!

Come to the May club meeting and I am sure that we will hear all of the details!

Getting Ready

Some of the Equipment

The Concrete Saw

Messy Work... But Worth It!

Removing the old Pier

Removing the Concrete Squares

Thank Goodness for Heavy Equipment

No Running Allowed...

Getting Ready to Dig

How Deep Did He Say?

That is a BIG Hole!!!

Install the Vibration Barrier

Tie the Re-Bar Cage Together

Ready for Tomorrow's Pour

Gotta Extend That Shute a Bit...

This Could Take a While

Keep 'er Coming...

Topped out and Settling

Remove the Edge Material

Level it Out

Whew!  It can set by itself... I'm going home...