Amateur Astronomers of Jackson

Astronomy Help Page

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Basic Telescope Information     These first two pages will explain telescope jargon, what to look for

More Telescope Information     What to look out for, and many other questions that you may have.

Astronomy Dealers on the Web    A site for locating those hard-to find Dealers

"Astronomy Magazine"     The online version of a popular magazine.

"Astronomy Online"     A Web publication on Astronomy.

Current Information     From the AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS OF JACKSON

Nasa Space Weather Page     News and information from NASA to keep you up to date on things

NASA Space News Page       Goings on in our Universe.

Orion Telescopes     Retail equipment, wonderful and informative catalog.

Satellite Map     Of the north central United States.

Sky & Telescope Magazine     The online version of the popular magazine.

Astronomy Magazine    The online version of the popular magazine

Weather Forecast     Of the Jackson Michigan area.

Observing Site Maps:

Public Gaze Site    Peter Hurst Planetarium   Lake Hudson 1    Lake Hudson 2

Camp McGregor 1    Camp McGregor 2    Pokagon State Park 1    Pokagon State Park 2

SMURFS 1    SMURFS 2    Astrofest 1    Astrofest 2    Hidden Hollow 1  Hidden Hollow 2

Albion 1    Albion 2    Club Sites    Foxpark 1    Foxpark 2    Kimball Camp 1

Kimball Camp 2    Adrian College 1    Adrian College 2    Island Lake 1    Island Lake 2

Kensington Park 1    Kensington Park 2    Hidden Lake Gardens 1     Hidden Lake Gardens 2  

The Toy House

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