Amateur Astronomers of Jackson

LATITUDE:  IRIDIUM Flare Latitude and Longitude
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From Street Atlas 4.0 and converted by BobF


                             FROM STREET ATLAS 4.0            CONVERTED TO:


Amateur Astronomers of Jackson Members:

Tim Bauer                                                                                                   

Wes Boyd                  N 41d 56.48' by W 84d 16.96'           N 41.94 by 84.28W

Bill Buckingham         N 42d 19.91� by W 84d 28.68�           N 42.33 by 84.48W

Nick Clift                                                                                                     

Richard Collett          N 42d 12.47� by W 84d 23.30�           N 42.21 by 84.38W

Chris Dobie               N 42d 16.82' by W 84d 25.27'           N 42.28 by 84.42W

Dan Fracker                                                                                                

Bob Frybarger           N 42d 15.65' by W 84d 23.39'           N 42.26 by 84.39W

Jim Herron                N 42d 19.67� by W 84d 27.69�           N 42.33 by 84.46W

Jimmy Holdaway       N 42d 14.24� by W 84d 24.13�           N 42.24 by 84.40W

John Isles                                                                                                   

David King                                                                                                 

Phil Lenart                N 42d 10.34� by W 84d 17.14�           N 42.17 by 84.29W

Ralph McGonegal      N 42d 15.05� by W 84d 31.05�           N 42.25 by 84.52W

Ray Morgan              N 42d 12.22� by W 84d 23.23�           N 42.20 by 84.39W

Leo Nessing              N 42d 13.30' by W 84d 25.07'           N 42.22 by 84.42W

Curt Osborn              N 42d 16.41� by W 84d 57.78�           N 42.27 by 84.96W

Paul Overeiner           N 42d 13.76� by W 84d 25.27�           N 42.23 by 84.42W

Mark Reed                N 42d 07.01� by W 84d 31.76�           N 42.12 by 84.53W

Ken Rheault              N 42d 11.31' by W 84d 28.24'           N 42.19 by 84.47W

John Ridley                                                                                                  

Ron Robinson           N 42d 16.89� by W 84d 09.97�           N 42.28 by 84.17W

Mike Seabrook          N 42d 14.80� by W 84d 24.92�           N 42.25 by 84.42W

Rodney Sullivan         N 42d 13.00� by W 84d 23.78�           N 42.22 by 84.40W

Jim Trolz                   N 42d 12.13' by W 84d 25.38'           N 42.20 by 84.42W

Teresa Tucker           N 42d 07.00� by W 84d 31.80�           N 42.12 by 84.53W

Cindy Wahlund          N 42d 06.76� by W 84d 29.83�           N 42.11 by 84.50W

Jim Whitehouse         N 42d 14.79' by W 84d.44.54'           N 42.25 by 84.74W


Friends in Astronomy:

DDave Francis           N 42d 02.60' by W 84d 45.36'           N 42.04 by 84.76W

Tom Macomber          N 41d 43.91' by W 84d 56.00'           N 41.73 by 84.93W

Pat Calligan                                                                                                  

Harry Quandt             N 41d 53.15� by W 84d 32.72�           N 41.89 by 84.55W


Observing Sites:

Hurst Planetarium       N 42d 12.93' by W 84d 25.00'           N 42.22 by 84.42W

Lake Hudson               N 41d 50.30' by W 84d 14.80'           N 41.84 by 84.25W

Camp McGregor          N 42d 06.67' by W 84d 26.28'           N 42.11 by 84.44W

Hidden Lake Gardens   N 42d 01.72� by W 84d 06.45�           N 42.03 by 84.11W



Sedona, AZ                N 34d 52.30' by W 111d 45.35'          N 34.87 by 111.76W

Meteor Crater             N 35d 01.69' by W 111d 01.39'          N 35.03 by 111.02W

Lowell Observatory     N 35d 12.19' by W 111d 39.87'          N 35.20 by 111.66W

Green Valley               N 31d 51.10' by W 110d 59.63'          N 31.85 by 110.99W
Pokagon Park              N 41d 42.73' by W  85d 02.03'          N 41.71 by 085.03W


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