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Dark Sky Preserve
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  (Updated on 02/15/2002)

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Now it is the Law of the Land (of Michigan)

Here is a copy/paste from Senate Journal 10, 2002

It is a great feeling to know that this Dark Sky Preserve will be around
for future generations to enjoy. When enlightened people understand what
they have done to the night sky, maybe this area will become and even
better place from which to view the heavens.  Until that happens, let us
hope that the Lake Hudson Dark Sky Preserve remains a spot from which
we can enjoy the night sky.  Thank you Wes and Jim once again!!!

An e-mail from Bob Frybarger:

I went to Beverly Hammerstrom's webpage, and was very pleasantly
surprised today!    Here is the link to her page:

If you follow all of the links to the end, you will see that Senate Bill 0430
is expected to be signed on Tuesday the 12th of February.   YES!!

If this does happen, we have a permanent Dark Sky Preserve here in the
State of Michigan.  A great legacy to the work of Wes Boyd and
Jim Whitehouse.

More on Tuesday, hopefully...

Bob Frybarger

An e-mail from Bill Buckingham :

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2002, the Lake Hudson Dark Sky Legislation was put to
a vote in the Michigan House of Representative and passed.  The bill now goes to
the Governor for his signature.

With this bill becoming law, the Lake Hudson State Park will permanently be
designated a Dark Sky Site.

Thanks you for all your support, phone calls and emails.  We can make a

Bill Buckingham
VP Amateur Astronomers of Jackson


The Tuesday Michigan House vote on the Lake Hudson Dark Sky
Legislation was postponed. I do not know why at this time. Hopefully the vote will be put
on an upcoming House agenda soon. Update to follow.  (Bill Buckingham)


The Dark Sky legislation, which will permanently designate Lake
Hudson as a Dark Sky Preserve has passed committee and is going to the House floor
for a vote on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 10:00 a.m..  It is very important that all our
legislators hear from us.  We are asking all amateur astronomers from around the great
state of Michigan to call their local representative and ask them to vote in favor of
Senate Bill 430 on Tuesday morning.

Please contact your members, post a message, send an email, etc.
Get the word out and have people make a call.

Bill Buckingham
VP Amateur Astronomers of Jackson


I just talked to the House of Representatives Floor Coordinator
(she called me).  The Dark Sky Legislation is going to the House floor for a vote on
Tuesday at 10:00am.  She wanted some information to prepare a brief.  I am faxing her
some information concerning our cause.  She wanted the phone numbers of contact
persons from other Astronomy clubs which use the park.  (Bill Buckingham)


SB 430, which passed the Senate last month, was transferred
to the House and assigned to committee, is on the docket for Conservation and
Outdoor Recreation.  The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Committee is meeting
tomorrow, Thursday, November 29th at 10:00am House Office Bldg,  Committee
Room 308, Conservation and Outdoor Recreation.  (Bill Buckingham)


NASA has created a page on "The Fading Milky Way".  It is exactly
what the doctor ordered!  Drift over there and take a look.


"Substitute Bill 0430" went through the Senate Committee and
will be sent to the Senate Floor on Tuesday of next week. If it passes (it should!) it will
go to the House Committee later next week. Senator Beverly Hammerstrom's
bill is now a duplicate of Representative Doug Spade's Bill 4696.  No opposition
is expected.  Things are looking better for the Lake Hudson Dark Sky Preserve!!
                                 URL to the "Substitute Bill" 430


Senate Bill 0430 Goes to Committee Tomorrow at 2:00 pm.
Beverly Hammerstrom's Bill 0430 seems to have changed a bit from May 1.  The first
look at it showed it to delay the sunset clause for a period of 2 years.  Now it looks like
it will eliminate the sunset altogether, but only after 2005.  If that is the case, we will
still be better served with Doug Spade's House Bill 4696.  More on this development
as more is learned.  To compare the Bills... Look at: Senate Bill 0430 vs House Bill 4696

The David Levy letter being delivered to the Michigan Legislature

Representative Douglas Spade's Personal Webpage

08/18/2001 - Wes writes:

"Red light at night, stargazer's delight.
Checked Lake Hudson tonight -- the strobe is out."
-- Wes

08/14/ 2002

A disaster at Lake Hudson has seemingly been averted by the quick action of two
amateurs who have the best interest of the park in mind.  A couple of weeks ago,
at the July Dark Sky gaze at Lake Hudson, a new strobe was seen on a tower to the
southwest of the park.  This strobe is "White Light" and very bright.  Bright enough
to cast shadows at the picnic observing area.

Rodney Sullivan (of the Jackson Club) drove to the tower, and found the FCC id# 1021169
tag.  He reported it at the Jackson meeting, and asked if anything could be done...
I sent out a "mass" mailing to all of those on my astronomy lists telling the story, and
asking for help and ideas (on Tuesday 08/13/2001).

Wes Boyd replied the next evening (Wednesday 08/14/2001) that he had talked to the
Hudson Township Supervisor already, and the response was, " I've got a number to call,
I'll take care of it." We will be watching to see if this very obnoxious light is quieted down!

Thanks for the teamwork, guys!


The Dark Sky Story on WJR Radio - Are You Listening?

Hi Folks,                                                                                       August 2, 2001

Tom Kasper, EMU Astronomy Club President, and I will be live in the Detroit studios
of WJR, good ol' 760AM, "Great Voice of the Great Lakes", on Saturday, August 25
from 3 to 3:30pm to talk astronomy and light pollution...  tis part of the Foster Braun
radio show that afternoon.
That's the 2nd day of the big Kensington Metro Park "Astronomy on the Beach" star
party.  (Tom and I will obviously be back out to Kensington later that afternoon in time
for the evening festivities as expected.)  Tom and I are working with a grant from the
Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) to bring light pollution  education to the
schools. The radio station caught wind of this and invited us to talk about it and
astronomy in general on air.  Should be fun...  we'll be prepared !    :^)

Norbert Vance

Here is a letter from Representative Doug Spade's Office!
              (Thanks Wes Boyd for the e-mail alert!)
               Mr. Spade's 32 Co-Sponsors with their e-mail addresses

       CNN News - Study: "Lights dimming view of Milky Way"   08/08/2001
        From ABC News - "In Praise of Darkness"                 05/17/2001
        "Dark Skies" by Wes Boyd    The story of Lake Hudson


             Wide Map                                                         Local Map

There is some positive movement early in May with the introduction of two bills pertaining
to the Lake Hudson "Sunset Clause".  One is Senate Bill 0430 sponsored by Senator
Beverly Hammerstrom.  This bill would postpone the sunset until 2005,  only delaying the
problem for an additional two years. Senator Hammerstrom's bill is certainly welcome, but
does not fully address the issue as we see it.

The other is House Bill 4696 sponsored by Representative Doug Spade.  Doug's bill would
eliminate the sunset altogether.  This will assure that the Lake Hudson "Dark-Sky Preserve"
will be available for generations to come.  It will be a place to see the night sky as free from
light pollution as can be made available in Southern Michigan.

Please support Doug's bill with a letter to your Representative (and Doug), and also to your
State Senator.  This will help assure that we will continue to have a Dark-Sky area here in
southern Michigan!

Thank you!

Find your Senator and Representative: Senator
International Dark-Sky Association:     IDA
Michigan Dark-Sky Association:          MDA
Help from a Concerned Amateur:         HCA
Some letters of concern appear here:    Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4
                                                           Dark-Sky Preserve Pamphlet
                                                           Lake Hudson State Park - DNR

5/03/2001                                     (The Original Post)

A letter from Dennis Conlin tells us what is happening in the Lansing area, regarding pending
legislation on Light Trespass,  and Light Pollution.  It looks like this bill would be for
statewide consideration.

Dennis's Letter :       Read Dennis's letter to the Amateur Astronomy community, and then
                               proceed as you  see fit.  Light pollution is a major problem worldwide, and
                               attention is now beginning to be brought to it.  If nothing is done, the
                               universe will be a place to visit only in the movies and books. There will
                               be nothing left to see - gads, what a thought.

Night Earth Photo :    Look at this photo and see what the fuss is all about.  Although the photo
                                 is amazing to look at and study, it is also a terrible statement on wasted
                                 light. Billions of dollars are being spent on energy which could be put to
                                 better use elsewhere.

Find your Senator and Representative:  Senator
Some letters of concern appear here:     Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4
International Dark-Sky Association:      IDA
Michigan Dark-Sky Association:           MDA

This page will be updated as information becomes available.

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