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The Amateur Astronomers of  Jackson no longer hold meetings!

Maps are available on the club map page CLICK HERE! 

The Camp McGregor Project  - Phase 1
The Camp McGregor Project - Phase 2
The Camp McGregor Project - Phase 3
The Camp McGregor Project  - Phase 4
     The Camp McGregor Project  - Completed!

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Links to the Dark Sky Project
Our Story was published in the IDA Autumn Newsletter - TAKE A LOOK
The Lake Hudson State Park Handout
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Page
Our Dark-Sky work through the years!
"Kiosk and Dedication" page. June 4th, 2005
The Making of a Preserve - 1 - Wes Boyd
The Making of a Preserve - 2 - Jim Whitehouse
The Dark Sky Preserve Broshure (.pdf)


Remember the old days?

Think you know how big a Googol is?  Check HERE and see!

Some Very Good Imaging by John Kirchhoff   Page-1 Page-2

Here is a neat way to see how dark your sky actually is:
Print it out and carry it with you.

A VERY neat Powers of 10 webpage, Take a look!!!

Need a piece of clear sky?  Click - HERE


Telescope Information For Beginners - 1   ///   Telescope Information For Beginners - 2

A Nighttime View Of The USA

Iridium Satellite Information For These Sites:Coordinates

 to Club sites available here.
(Coordinates Page Updated on 10/02/2008)
Iridium's Main Page       Lake Hudson        Camp McGregor        Hurst Planetarium

        Personal  Member Websites. Let me know your URL to add it here:
Clay Kessler:
Bob Frybarger:

The Best Earth Photo so Far
What does the Sombrero Galaxy REALLY look like?

Url's of Interest:
There are a lot of things happening in Astronomy and the Space Program, and with the computer,
maybe we can keep up with some of them...   I will try to post the websites of new and interesting
events as quickly as possible, but if you want to keep the site available on your machine, you will
have to save it as one of your "favorites".

      First::  Webb Deep-Sky Society International
       Next:  Free Press story on Lake Hudson, June 2007
       Next:   Kennedy Space Center - Florida
SKY-WATCH    A website worth looking at about everything astronomical!
       Next:  SKY & TELESCOPE Homepage
       Next:  ASTRONOMY Magazine Homepage
       Next: Astronomy Picture of the Day   A daily look at the Cosmos
      Next: NASA Space Weather
       Next: Kalamazoo Astronomy Club   Page - See this!!
       Next: Hidden Hollow Club   Page - Excellent!
       Next: A Tennessee Astronomy Club   HomePage - Very Good
       Next: Astronomy Online Magazine
       Next: Southeast Lower Michigan Astronomy Link Site
       Next: Astronomy Download Site     A Lot of fun programs and surfing...
       Next: Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association    A very informative site
       Next: Astronomy Dealers on the Web      Dealers of all kinds - All astronomy
       Next: CNN Sci-Tech Page      Daily updated Science News
       Next: CNN Space News Page   Daily updated Space News
       Next: The Austin Texas Club Page     Well Worth a Look
       Next: A National Treasure of Earth Photos!   Photos from the Shuttle Flights
       Next:  Lake Hudson State Park - Dark Sky Preserve
       Next: The DARK SKY INSTITUTE   A place to get the latest Dark Sky information
       Next:  IDA - International  Dark-Sky Association
The "Dogpile Search Engine"   One of the Best on the Web!!
The ClearSkyClock Webpage  What's it gonna do tonight?  Find out!!
       Next: Comparison of Green Valley AZ to Jackson MI
       Next: This is the Last Place You Should Look!   It's the livin' end!

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